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lemon kitten am i . . . - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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November 1st, 2005

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11:45 pm - lemon kitten am i . . .
purrrrrrrrr . . .

You scored as Danielle Dax. You are Danielle Dax! Considered obscure perhaps in the States, you nevertheless left your mark in Jolly Olde England, with your wild stage sets, outrageous makeup, and amazing musicianship. Lucky Stateside girls consider you a precious secret. You deftly combine several musical styles to produce soulful, wily, wild music that can only be described as Industrial Bhangra Cowgirl Spiritual Slutrock.


Danielle Dax


Diamanda Galas


Liz Fraser


Kate Bush


Lisa Gerrard


What goth-rock goddess are you?
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Current Mood: psyched
Current Music: Nothing Changes - Death in June

(whisper in my ear)

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