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Tired after a lovely day spent in and out of rain showers with a… - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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February 3rd, 2008

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11:20 pm
Tired after a lovely day spent in and out of rain showers with a delightful double rainbow visitation.
Drove into Petaluma where everything is lush and green and seemingly sparkling, where the moo cows wander rather freely and the oak trees are old and strong.

We wandered into antique shops and I left with two silver teaspoons from 1908, a precious green and pink saucer to add to my mismatched tea collection, and a vintage apple corer (?) with a weathered blue and white handle.  Little things for my kitchen . . .

Spent the last hour or so catching up on the virtual world and sourcing vegetarian recipes for creole food (not so easy, but accomplished) to celebrate Mardi Gras.  I shall make Gumbo Z'herbes, some hushpuppies, a Brandy-Herbsaint milk punch or perhaps Café Brulot, and a King Cake.  I wish I could be in New Orleans, but alas the finances do not allow any travel at the moment.  Soon though . . .
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: For the price of a cup of tea - Belle and Sebastian

(whisper in my ear)

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